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Great game! I play with my 5 years old son a lot on the Switch.  There are a few bugs that I hope you will improve in the co-op mode.

1. There are some major lags in the boss bottles for co-op.  Slightly less when you solo, but the co-op gave 3-5 secs lag on Nintendo Switch.

2. During Co-op, when you enter/exit the chest room.  Only one play can enter the room where is the other play is lacked out side the entrance.  You need to move the first character to the entrance to "pick up/unlock" the second player so he/she can enter.  This is extremely annoying.

Again, great game and please fix these bugs.

Hello there, 
I'm interested in Metaverse Keeper pretty much. I'd like to contact someone from development team directly and discuss cooperation opportunities. Can smbd help me out here?

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The game has great potential, but it is very punitive.
At first the first character drops coins with each attack.
The dodge "that should be free" has a time to recharge, this takes away the fluidity of the controls.
Died on the boss the game practically restarted, it should give the option to restart the mission, this ends up discouraging the player.

The look is excellent, the mechanics with small adjustments, will make the game much more fun.

There is a big difference between leaving the game difficult and letting the game boring.

The difficult and fun game is one that gives the player many tools for him to choose the one he wants to use, the boring game, the few options and punishes the player all the time.

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keyboard controls are quite whack, game feel leaves a lot to be desired (feels pretty clunky so far, delayed sword attacks are no fun, tutorial doesn't feel welcoming enough). artstyle wise it looks clean, vibrant, but i can't see it in music or gameplay itself. 

still looks p interesting and i hope it will get better towards the release

Игра хороша, мне понравилось, ждем улучшений :)

This is awesome, i really like it 

Well played! Glad you like it.

The game is awesome, mainly the co-op. I'm waiting for the full game.


Seems you got a good partner for the co-op :)


could be such a good game but you decided to make a hardcore bullsh roguelike out of it. im so sick of this crap.

Thanks for your  opinion. Actually we are  trying to lower the difficulty now.

You could increase the lives of heros or put some kind of life regen. 

let the difficulty at what it is and just add another mod with difficulty decreased <3

We will consider it,and make the level more reasonable.

realy nice, the camera is no bugged even in 2players, nice game

Thanks! How do you like the co-op? As few people have experienced the co-op and give us feedback.

it's really fun, i was playing on my keyboard and my friend was with the controler, and i was surprized that it works better than rocket league xD, an online multiplayer could be so coool with even more content, good luck to finish your game

Aha~I'm really happy that you like this game, if you have question, u can contact with us at any time.

Demo was awesome! I'm not a big rogue-like/dungeon crawler gamer (only Binding of Isaac). But this was really good, the art style (particularly with the bosses was really well done), same with the music. I wish I had followed the tutorial better when playing though haha. Looking forward to seeing the full game!

Glad you like it! We are working on a better UI to show the controls in case you forget about the tutorial. Also, you could open the menu with Esc button to check the controls. 

too random

Will this be available on Itch as well as Steam?

Or just Steam?

Just Steam for now.

I'll wait for your inevitable inclusion in a bundle then.

My graphics card is super sad, but this game ran really smooth gameplay wise and it was awesome. I like game styles like this and encourage everyone to at least play it once. It's graphically pleasing to the eyes for sure.

Thanks for the video! Glad you like it :)

Oh I am so massively impressed by this demo! There's so much content, and all we have so far is the tutorial and one level!

The multitude of weapons, items and enemies so far is really top notch, and I played through the first teaser level a few times and had a completely different experience each time, which is exactly what we're looking for in a dungeon crawler style game.

The enemies are all tough cookies in their own ways, right down from the mini slimes to the big boss, and different weapons each come with their own pros and cons (more cons if you're as useless at these types of games as I am haha!).

I'm hooked on this already, and can't wait to see more of this game! So keep up the awesome work and you can guarantee you'll be seeing more of me and Metaverse Keeper in the future =)


Thanks for the review! You may also have a try at the co-op mode, which will guarantee you another completely different experience!

Here's part 2 of my first playthrough!


Had a lot of fun with the demo, even if I'm terrible at it!

Haha, it is indeed a little difficult at first.

I don't like the fact that you point the gun the way you go, you'd have to hit and run in a really weird way that's difficult to do

Gave it a go...

I actually really love this! Nice art style. Do have some small criticisms, but overall enjoyed it.

Glad you like it! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any suggestions or problems for the game.

add PS4 controller support please

PS4 controller is supported. Any problem about it?

Is this game have 32 bit version???

Only 64 bit for Windows.

Okay then =(
I need to buy a new PC ^^

First I must say - love the game, love the art and animations, sound is good. BUT the confusion effect is absolutely annoying and aggravating. Pleas change it - it ruins the game for me. 

All the best for your game!

This game was super fun! Will play more!

I played your game for my Youtube/Facebook channel and thought it was really fun. I loved the difficulty of the game as well. Looking forward to the full release 


love the game, but i feel like you should change the first boss. or just the confusion effect in general. it is always a bad idea to take that kind of controll from the player. 

for the first boss, once you get hit by the confusion effect once, he starts spawning in his minions, making it almost impossible not to get confused again

one way to fix this might be to increase the damage but make the confusion effect only last for something like 2 secconds. or you could remake the confusion effect completly, which i would prefer personally


I guess everyone would love to hear more about the team. Lovely design.

Glad to hear that and thank you dataismore!


Youtuber Splattercat brought me here. Looks great peoples, keep at it! Personally I'd like more ways to show my progression, like maybe entirely different ways to upgrade or cosmetics or something. just my 2cents as it always bugged me in titles like Isaac :)


Thats funny and thank you Belgariad87!


Shoutout to Randomise User on YouTube for introducing me to this game. Loving it so far.


Wow that’s amazing! Thanks for your support AlaskanPsyche!


Im here because of his video too, cant wait to see the full version!


Thank you ThaNine and see you soon!

Very fun game!!  We really enjoyed playing it, looking forward to the main release!!


Thank you GrayDeathSociety! Hope it brought you happiness!

Deleted 5 years ago

Thanks for your video redstonie! We will bring more weapons in the future!


The graphics are so beautiful and the mechanics are really fun. I noticed gamepad has rumble sometimes, and hopefully by the time you release it there will be an option to disable that.

Thanks for your feedback Manik Sinha! We’ll try to fix that!

Awesome. Thank you.


I'm really fond of games of this genre and although this game is still being completed, it is worth adding to your Wishlist and sharing with your friends.

The artwork was the first thing to grab my attention. From backgrounds, to characters and effects, this game stands out as a love child in the making. Adding in the quality sound effects and vibing music, I keep coming back for more. 

A few things I noticed about gameplay was the pacing of movement and attacks. You can only shoot straight while the enemies can shoot 360 degrees. When you're surrounded by enemies it makes it more of a challenge to attack (no diagonal attacks) and the evade has a timer leaving you to rely on your stubby legs and wits. It'll take some time to get used to it but once you do, the experience is thrilling!

Can't wait to see more of Metaverse Keeper in the future.

That’s really lovely cafeDraw! It is very nice of you to tell us so much! See you soon!

Absolutamente incrível, fazia tempo que eu não encontrava um jogo co-op com qualidade como esse. AMEI

Muchas gracias!

This looks awesome, any chance of Linux support?

It’s hard to say now but we will try to work on that! Thank you LiamD!

Okay no probs, I run so do reach out if you decide to.

is this the next baldi

Hmmm sorry I barely see there’s any similarity or if you wanna tell us more. Anyway thank you The Gamer Cat!

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